Logo Design is essentially the most important creative element in a company’s portfolio. Although your logo is not your entire brand identity, it sets the desired tone of your brand's message. A great logo helps dictate the consumer’s perception of the company and imprints that impression into their memory for years to follow.


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The most important asset that any company has in this digital age revolves around their online footprint. Honestly, the most natural thing that we tend to do when we first discover a company is their website. First impression is everything, we enjoy collaborating on functional websites, designed to make sure that someone's first visit is not their last.


Your Brand's Identity is not your logo and your logo is not your identity. Our role at Canvaas is to help you not only look the part, but also to help you establish a clear and consistent image of what your brand represents to the public, helping you focus on the most important part, which is actually running your business.


Have you ever thought to yourself "Who writes all of these captions, paragraphs and stories?" Of all of the forms of artistic expression, writing and storytelling may be the most transcending. It is used for everything from annual reports to social media, from product reviews to newsletter information. Most of everything requires smart writing and attentive proofreading, and we are here to help you articulate your message.


We all know the saying; A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Clean, high-resolution photos are important in order to tell a story or convey a message to your consumer. Our talented team of photographers have the eye and skill-set to frame any photo opportunity as a timeless moment in history.


Much like your brand's web footprint, your social media presence is becoming more essential by the day. Millennials have access to nearly all of the World's  knowledge in the palm of their hand through smart devices. Our ability to create content and your accounts just takes one more task off of your company's plate.


Have a question? We either have the answer or we will find it. With staff experience across different industries there is not question too general or problem too complicated to solve. Schedule a free consultation to see how we can help.


Illustration is one of the oldest and most universal art forms known to man. It helps relay messages without language or cultural barriers. We specialize in creating visual representation for brands who are looking to enhance their presentation with smart and meaningful designs. 


You're still here? If you made it this far then you owe it to yourself to set up a free consultation with us. Let us help you identify your wants and work closely with you to develop the resources that you need in order to grow your endeavor. Find out how by contacting us today.

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